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A New Major Planetary Beginning

By John Davis

The upcoming November Egypt experience celebrates the re-emergence of 11-11-1949. This article attempts to put this advanced concept in terms of understandable language.

Here's the story: 11-11-2003 is the 54th anniversary of 11-11-1949. The energy of 11-11-1949 is exactly the same energy as 11-11-2003. For the first time in 23 trips, our group has been scheduled to be in the Great Pyramid on November 11.

Astrologer Joelene VonKoenig said that on November 9, 2003 the Star of David is activated. November 9, 2003 symbolizes the rebirth of an ancient Atlantean energy utilized by the Priest-King of Atlantis. His/Her left hand held the feminine creative black rose (119) spiritually equivalent to the flail (meaning David) held by the Egyptian Pharaoh. The black rose was held by the Priest-King to positively create for the benefit of the Atlantean people.

The Star of David (Davidic Covenant) overlighting 11-9-2003 is the dynamic bridge linking Atlantean principles to the Holy Spirit and a positive vision of a multi dimensional modern world.

On November 11, 2003, the 4 fingers (yod) of God overlight the day. Symbolically, the four Yod means the responsibility of healing the moon (personal and planetary past life karma) to become the feminine expression of the SUN. On November 11th, we are planning to do World Peace ceremonies among others between the paws of the Sphinx, in the Queen and King chambers and the Sphinx Temple where a symbolic mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant has been located for centuries between 2 sets of 11 pillars. This Sphinx temple symbology exactly matches 11-11-1949 where Hamid Bey had his experience in Mt. Shasta with 21 others. The 22:2 symbology is all linked up and comes together in November 2003 as the vibration of Noah and the Covenant.

A friend of ours in California, DaVid of the Global Peace Foundation has a large e-mail list. We are going to link up with his e-mail list in a synchronized World Prayer focussed on World Peace, the hungry to find food, the homeless to find homes and the sick and injured to be healed. The exact time of our pyramid visit on 11-11- 12:00 noon-Egypt time will be synchronized with their local time so we will all be meditating at the same time for positive planetary changes. In my opinion, Hamid Bey's Mt. Shasta 11-11-1949 experience has to be expressed in an impersonal way (Group Avatar) to link the inner planes with the 3rd dimension at this critical time in planetary history.

The conception of the Group Avatar began on November 11, 1949, at a little-known event that occurred at Mt. Shasta in the presence of 22 spiritual leaders. The founder of the Coptic Fellowship of America, Hamid Bey, was present at that event, about which he often spoke. The following account is representative of his description of the experience:
At 11:00 a.m. on November 11, 1949, in a remote, isolated area on Mt. Shasta, California, an historical event took place. (This event had so impressed Hamid Bey that he conducted a special meeting on or near November 11 of each year until his passing on July 16th, 1976.) The days and events leading up to the November 11, 1949, date were extraordinary.

The awe-inspiring event began on November 9, 1949 when Hamid Bey was in Chicago delivering a lecture. As he finished his speech he was handed a telegram. It stated he was to take a flight to San Francisco and that his reservation had been booked for 1:00 the following morning. His original plans had been to fly to Los Angeles to attend the International Peace Conference, but he chose to follow his intuition and take the flight to San Francisco.

As the plane approached the Rocky Mountains there was heavy cloud cover and a hard rain was falling. When the flight reached its destination, both the San Francisco and Oakland airports were closed because of another powerful rainstorm. Early in the morning of November 10, the plane landed at Redding, California, near Mt. Shasta, a place of high spiritual energy for thousands of years. As Hamid deplaned in Redding, a stranger approached him and asked him if he was Hamid Bey. Upon receiving confirmation of his identity, the man took Hamid to a car wherein there sat three other men who had arrived under similar circumstances and, unbeknownst to Hamid, on the same flight.

Hamid asked, "What's this all about?" To which the stranger replied, "Do not be concerned that you were unable to land in San Francisco." Intuitively Hamid was satisfied with the response and the four men and their mysterious chauffeur found a hotel in Redding, where they booked a room for the night.

Even at this point, the four men had no idea why they had been brought to this small town in northern California.The next morning, November 11th, each man was given a pack and all were taken in a jeep to a certain secluded glen on Mt. Shasta. At this point 18 other individuals (total of 22) who had, not coincidentally, stayed at the same hotel the previous night joined them. Each of these individuals was a representative from a different country and different spiritual philosophy.

This group of spiritual leaders walked a considerable distance and were finally told to stop and put down all of their personal supplies in a prescribed position and manner which marked out an elongated half-moon shape and, at exactly 11:00 a.m., two babies were presented to the 22 witnesses.

Shortly thereafter a tremendous air pressure was felt which pushed over trees and vegetation, followed by the landing of a UFO about a quarter mile away. While seated in this half-moon formation, the 22 witnesses were told that they had witnessed the birth of twins (symbolic or literal). (222) A detailed explanation of the true significance of the November 11, 1949, event is needed to fully comprehend the momentous opportunity its occurrence affords humanity. This event was not only the birth of twin babies but represented the birth of a potential prototype to which an individual should seek to aspire. These two highly evolved energies will be greatly involved in the fulfillment of the plan for world unity and permanent world peace as was prophesied 2,000 years ago. The unification of the Twelve Tribes of Israel is a symbol, which represents the concept of unity through diversity. This symbol serves as the prototype for international unity that will become manifest bringing about cooperation and harmony on every level of earthly expression. These efforts are occurring today as the network of light grows stronger with the awakening of more people.

Month Day Hour
11 + 11 + 11:00 am = 33
The two babies represented by the double 1's, symbolizes a new beginning. The sums of the double 1's (2+2+2) added together equal 6, which represents the Sixth Root Race. The Sixth Root Race is symbolized by the Aquarian Age and refers to the acceptance of more responsibility in the context of a humanitarian focus. In contrast, the Age, which is just passing, the Piscean Age, represents the Fifth Root Race and symbolized expansion of freedom through spiritual orientation.

o A destiny to serve as a prototype for others to emulate
o The highest expression of service on the earth plane
o Great concern for welfare of the masses
o Greater harmony on all levels of manifestation
o Service to humanity with no limitations
o Assimilation of advanced knowledge and wisdom
o An attraction to institutions and organizations involved with education, health and counseling-related fields of service
o Sacrifice for the overall betterment of the world
o A primary aim to relieve the suffering of humanity on earth
o Mastery of the ability to project "the Light of the World"

The analysis of the number 11 provides even greater understanding of the November 11, 1949 event.

o The name "Jesus" vibrates to the energy of the number 11.
o The 11th hour is considered the purest hour of the day. In Egyptian philosophy, the 11th hour is when the human body casts its smallest shadow.
o Masons are taught that the number 11 is the most important number because of the symbolism inherent in the two upright figures: "within of 2 units (equilibrium) one may come into the possession of all things."
o The number 11 symbolizes the messenger bringing to humanity "glad tidings of great joy."
o Ancient wisdom represents the powers of the number 11 as: In my grasp are all things held in perfect equilibrium, I bind all opposites together, each to its complement."
o Sister/Brotherhood and unity as expressed by the phrase, "The world is my home and to do good is my religion." The composition of the group of 22 witnesses to the Mt. Shasta event is representative of this concept.

Each of the 22 spiritual leaders hailed from a different nation. The combination of the month and day (11th month, 11th day) is an expression of the number 22 vibration. The number 22 represents expanded consciousness, the ability to operate on a planetary level of awareness, high ideals, and achievement on an international and universal scale. Its ultimate potential is reflected in the following:

o Practical idealism; the combining of visionary talents with the organizational ability to manifest enlightened reforms for the benefit of all humanity
o The physical creator of the future; the changer of the course of history
o The master builder with the benefit of all humanity as the goal
o Philanthropy
o Universal and international
o The power to organize and establish large, all-encompassing institutions

If we think of the monumental significance of this planetary event in terms of the birth of higher consciousness for the benefit of the planet, we can understand the reasons for the twin birth occurring at this particular time. The twin birth represents on a symbolic level the prototype for humanity to emulate.

To sum up the previous discussion, the November 11, 1949, event symbolized the birth of a prototype for the evolving human. He/she thinks in universal terms, and dreams of world peace and harmony possessing the ability to manifest hopes and achieve goals. He/she is attracted to large causes and seeks to bring about the unity of nations, and possesses the ability to unite people to bring about international cooperation and goodwill. He/she also possesses the ability to put into practice the highest visionary ideals. This is the prototype of the highest form of service to humankind. The author(s) of the Book of Revelation intentionally chose the words that would convey the subconscious message they wanted to preserve for future generations in the scriptures. The Group Avatar was conceived on November 11, 1949. The symbol of many Christs represents the world's many religions and nations. This Group Avatar will be birthed as individuals from all spiritual traditions acquire Christ/Buddha Consciousness and fulfill the destiny of the Second Coming. If Christ was born in Bethlehem but not in me, his birth was in vain. The Sixth Root Race prototype can be visualized as the image of a person whose eyes are directed upward to the clouds for supreme inspiration, while the feet are grounded in the earthly plane. This is the symbol of one who can integrate higher wisdom and organizational administration, while at the same time maintaining an awareness of human needs, both individual and group. This prototype has the highest ethical standards, and has achieved material and spiritual mastery. It represents altruism and the power to accomplish the building of a new world and a new consciousness. We belong to a new humanity born again beyond personality, beyond soul, born again to a Universal Awareness. We should not be concerned with creating a new religion. The new message is one of unity, planetary sister/brotherhood and opportunity for all. We are presently in the transitional period between two dispensations. We are at the end of the old Piscean age and not quite ready for the new energies of the Aquarian. This is why the present age partakes of both the old and the new” a clinging to tradition and a yearning for greater enlightenment - a literal and symbolic pre-dawning. The eyes of the former centers of ancient civilizations are turning toward the West where the world awaits the beginning of a new dispensation and a new civilization of the Sixth Root Race. A civilization is always based on a strong universal philosophy of Truth, for a strong productive center of civilization cannot survive without a steadfast belief in the Divine. In this new civilization, centered in the United States of America, the New Israel, we shall see a truer, more positively oriented schooling for the young, and a wider, greater understanding of the Divine by all social classes. A harmonious welding of the religious and scientific communities into one great philosophy of mutual understanding and respect for the principles of each will occur, bringing together the wonders of laboratories and the Truths of the Cosmos. All humanity will enjoy a new life guided by a greater mind.In the United States, more than anywhere else on this earth plane, are blended together all races and nationalities of the earth. Out of this blend shall spring the highly evolved Sixth Root Race, man and woman of tomorrow, a race that by its universally strong faith in the supreme wisdom shall create a civilization of equality like none that has ever existed before on this planet.

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